Our Team

Our outstanding team of professionals understand immigrant and refugee issues because they’ve been there.

Our staff have academic backgrounds in education, social work, international development, and other related fields in social science.

There is a mix of university graduates, master degree holders (including BEd and BSW), and a PHD holder.

40 +
Staff member


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0 %
from immigrant or refugee background



Our Staff

Margaret von Lau N.E.E.D.S. Inc. CEO

Kirby Borgardt  Director of Operations & SWIS

Tim Mackay Director of Research and Development

 Magaly Guzman De Diaz  Director of Finance

Greg Letowski  Director of Administration, HR & ES

  • Jennifer Tomsich Senior Psychosocial Advisor
  • Jorge Cardenas Senior IT Manager
  • Dr. Mahmud Bhuiyan Senior R&D Manager
  • Abdul-Bari Abdul-Karim Operations Office Manager
  • Alejandra Cano Service Delivery Team Manager
  • Lisa Jansz French Services Manager
  • Maricel Bucher Service Delivery Team Manager
  • Meagan Botelho Service Delivery Team Manager
  • Misty Belcourt Service Delivery Team Manager
  • Yusur Al-Hassani Administrative Manager
  • Aric Goodbrandson Operations Office Assistant Manager
  • Chloe Waters Intro Program Assistant Manager
  • René Mateso SWIS, Assistant Manager
  • Ryan Croy Employment Services Assistant Manager 
  • Cassandra Sanchez SWIS Specialist
  • Charissa Deen R&D Specialist
  • William Maitland Executive Assistant
  • Yu Sun Outreach/Media Specialist 
  • Brian Darweesh SWIS Team Leader
  • Brooke Gillis Operations Office, Team Leader
  • Elan Mueller SWIS, Team Leader
  • Fechie De Guzman  Operations Office, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Hannah Booy  SWIS, Team Leader
  • Hank Tseng Admin, Team Leader
  • Jackson Grier  Employment Services, Team Leader
  • Karen Power SWIS Team Leader
  • Kysha Dela Rosa SWIS, Team Leader
  • Lara Solis Employment Services, Team Leader
  • Muhur Asmerom Operations Office, Team Leader
  • Echo Du Admin Facilitator
  • Erika Tang Admin Facilitator
  • Jayne Urfano  Bookkeeper
  • Jeane Boschmann Ekk Penner Admin Facilitator
  • Kuldeep Singh Admin Facilitator
  • Loubna Lekikot Admin Facilitator
  • Sylwia Krawczyk Admin Facilitator
  • Ahmad Alkhatab SWIS, Settlement Worker in School
  • Amrit Kang SWIS, Computer Instructor
  • Danielle (Junella) Mfoumou Ondo SWIS French Facilitator
  • Dhoha Khayyat Service Delivery Team, Facilitator Assistant
  • Ebyan Warsame SWIS, Psychosocial Educator
  • Estahil Ahmed SWIS, Facilitator
  • Fady Gerges SWIS Facilitator
  • Fareedah Sulaiman-Olokodana SDT Facilitator 
  • Gina Meleika SWIS Facilitator
  • Hermon Gidey R&D Specialist Assistant
  • Halle Heim SWIS Settlement Worker in School
  • Kayla Verot Operations Office, Volunteer Facilitator OO
  • Laura Neuendorff  SWIS Psychosocial Educator 
  • Lucky Gill SWIS Settlement Worker in School
  • Lovejot Singh Service Delivery Team Facilitator
  • Markus Stahl SWIS,  Settlement Worker in Schools
  • Marni Golebioski SWIS Settlement Worker in School
  • Melissa Funk SWIS Settlement Worker in School
  • Mengsteab Abraha Employment Services, Career Coach 
  • Marnelle Marzo Employment Services, Career Coach
  • Nahla Abdelwahab SWIS Facilitator
  • Nora Ampomah Operations Office, Volunteer Hub Communication Facilitator 
  • Oksana Klishchova SWIS, Facilitator 
  • Saim Uddin Chowdhury SWIS, Facilitator 
  • Suzie Zeray SWIS, Settlement Worker in Schools
  • Yelyzaveta (Liza) Briukhina SWIS, Facilitator

  • Esteria Juanich  IT Assistant
  • Floyd Gardner Admin Support Worker
  • Monika Sidorowska Operations Office, Administrative Assistant
  • Neli Dubova  Facilitator Assistant
  • Sherry Peters Career Coach Assistant
  • Suhrab Frough SWIS, Support Worker
  • Wen-Hui Tseng  Admin Support Worker
  • Aisha Ali  SWIS, Facilitator Assistant
  • Anastasiia Seleznova SWIS, Facilitator Assistant
  • Basma Ali SWIS, Support Worker
  • Balqees Raheem Facilitator Assistant  
  • Bogdan Tkachuk SWIS, Facilitator Assistant 
  • Christiane Dunia SWIS, Facilitator Assistant
  • Fatemeh Shabani SWIS, Facilitator Assistant
  • Hajati Issa SWIS, Support Worker
  • Hibo Mohamed SWIS,  Support Worker
  • Kate Zha SWIS, Facilitator Assistant
  • Leah Handford SWIS,  Facilitator
  • Menna Abaza SWIS, Facilitator Assistant
  • Mohamed Behi SWIS,  Facilitator Assistant
  • Nadine Atie SWIS, Assistant
  • Nicholas McDonald SWIS, French Homework Tutor
  • Rashi Chhabra SWIS,  Facilitator Assistant
  • Reem Al-wiswasi SWIS,  Facilitator Assistant
  • Rui Hu Operations, Facilitator
  • Wraanga Peyawary SWIS, Support Worker