Our Videos

Stand Up To Racism Together - New video March,2023

The Stand up to Racism project returns with a new video featuring youth fighting racism! These talented youth learned about racism, graphic design, and the dimensions of racism during the 8-week workshops. This knowledge helped them create their posters. They have created art that is not only visually stunning but also conveys a powerful message regarding the need to eradicate hate from society. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to see some amazing artwork, this is the video for you! ✊🏿✊✊🏻

NEEDS Centre Enhanced Wellness Project

The Enhanced Wellness of Refugee Children Youth and Families is a holistic intervention approach to improving the mental health of refugee children and youth. In the video, staff talk about their experience facilitating the program, how the program has benefited our newcomer participants and their takeaways as facilitators.

NEEDS Centre Volunteer Program

In the video, NEEDS Centre staff talks about our current volunteer opportunities and the benefits of volunteering at NEEDS.

Stand Up To Racism Together - Fight for Racial Equality

In the video, our youth showcased their artworks and talked about their fight for racial equality, unity and justice! Let’s get to know our newcomer youth and listen to their powerful stories!

Stand Up to Racism Together - Respect My Culture. Stop Cultural Appropriation

During the 8-week workshops, our youth focused on the topic of cultural appropriation, examining the importance of respecting other cultures and how appropriation can reinforce stereotypes and contribute to oppression. Let’s take a look at their designs and hear the stories behind their artworks!

Stand up to Racism Together - Taking Back My Story

Our second “Stand up Together to Racism” video is here!

This time, our second group of newcomer youth have chosen to reclaim their identities and address false assumptions by taking back their stories. They want to use their art to put the issue of racism in the forefront and encourage people to take action. Let’s open our hearts and listen to their stories.

Stand Up to Racism Together - Taking Action Against Racism in Employment

Over the past 7 weeks, a handful of our newcomer youth participated in workshops on racial discrimination and graphic arts and developed art to share the importance of fighting racism. This has culminated in a video showcasing their artwork called “Stand up to Racism Together”. With their designs, our youth targeted racism in employment and hope to raise awareness on how racism impacts society. ✊🏻✊🏼 ✊🏿 Want to know what they have to say about racism? Check out the video and listen to their stories! Help us raise awareness by sharing the video with your family and friends!

Making English Easier - Youth Civic Engagement Project

Panel discussion at our EAL Student engagement event held at University of Winnipeg. The event was a part of the National Youth Civic Engagement Project. Three panelists shared their personal struggles, success and insights as past EAL students and gave their advice to current students.

 NEEDS Centre provides additional support to refugee children, youth and their families via mentorship during their settlement experience. Our volunteer mentors meet with their youth bi-weekly and introduce them to various recreational and educational resources and services available in Winnipeg. Here are the testimonies from some of our mentors and newcomer families.